Prudence, reliability, honesty and good decisions

Insurance audit is where we begin. A thorough review and audit report that we provide each client containing acts as the foundation for making the decision on a unique, well adjusted insurance programme. We analyse the history of losses (their losses, frequency, reasons, etc.), check the provisions of the existing insurance agreements, providing the Clients with a review and analysis of the best solutions along with our recommendations.
The goal of the insurance audit is to establish the current level of insurance protection against the risks inherent to all activities of your business. It also covers an assessment of the risks related to the property held by the company, as well as the threats related to civil law, economic and financial relations.

Brokers Union’s audits cover the following:

  • review of the existing insurance policies,
  • review of the existing methods of risk mitigation,
  • assessment of the existing coverage, scope of insurance, and gaps in insurance coverage,
  • reviewing the content of tender documentation,
  • analysis of the method and scope of adherence to Public Procurement Law,
  • determining the reasonability of costs incurred,
  • price negotiation process.

We are honest. If we think your business is well managed by the current advisor, we are sincere about it.